Ivi Adamou at Stockholm Pride 2012

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Title: Gelaei (Perfect) Artist: Ivi Adamou 149 plays

Ivi Adamou - Galaei (Perfect)


Eurovision Challenge • Day 06 - A song from this year that reminds you of somewhere →  Ivi Adamou - La La Love (Cyprus)

Note: None of the songs really remind me of places.. I tend to listen to them in my room by myself like a loser. But this one does remind me of the Eurovision party my friend had, and how this was everybody’s favourite.

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Ivi Adamou-Sose Me

Να μου κρατάς το χέρι για να ‘ρθει καλοκαίρι
Πες πως μ’ αγαπάς


I love her smile.

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Ivi Adamou feat. TU - Madness

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Title: Sose Me (Lights On) Artist: Ivi Adamou 10 plays

Ivi Adamou - Sose Me (Lights On)

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